Changemakers' Room

International Training Forum, gathering some of the world’s most aspiring minds to identify world’s most pressing local and global problems, ideate solutions, develop international mobility projects and launch socially relevant social businesses

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April 30th - May 8th 2020 | BENGALURU, INDIA

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The world's most pressing problems transcend national borders, calling for collective action and international cooperation. World's most aspiring minds join hands with philanthropists, visionary political leaders, acclaimed practitioners and pioneers of grassroots movements from across the globe to identify local and global problems and create social-impact-oriented international mobility projects and launch community-relevant social businesses supported by the Global Social Change Ecosystem - Make Room.

It is an informal process of dialogue and cooperation in order to equip changemakers from across the globe with the skill-sets required to create innovative solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems.

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Changemakers' Room • 30.04.2020 - 08.05.2020 | Bengaluru, India

This Changemakers’ Room brings some of the best minds from across the globe to address the most pressing problems in the areas of Climate, Education, Inequality and Health. Bengaluru, India is the perfect location to meet like minded individuals, ideate, build international mobility projects, as well as, develop community-relevant social businesses contributing to solving some of the most pressing issues. Participants at the Changemakers’ Room include an excellent mix of entrepreneurs, youth workers, activists, social workers, grassroots professionals, students and active citizens alike. Seven days of experiential learning platform that enables individuals to collaborate in pursuit of solutions and create community impact projects.

The Changemakers' Room 2020 is organized by Make Room, Global Social Change Ecosystem

Programme overview

Changemakers' Room is one of the core initiatives nurturing social change fostering collaborative community development, exchange of best practices, as well as, social business and international project development. The programme makes extensive use of impact frameworks and tools to utilize the potential of human talent and social capital while conforming to the principle of lifelong learning by linking support to formal, non-formal and informal learning practices. The program is a perfect mixture of immersive field trips, innovative learning methodologies, simulation games and team-building exercises.

Global Community- Welcome to the Ecosystem!

The 2020 Changemakers' Room in Bengaluru, India is the 4th edition of the Forum. The Forum has created a global community of 113 like-minded, aspiring social agents from across 50+ countries. Join the community and benefit from world-wide network of aspiring grassroots practitioners!

Interactive sessions- Non-formal learning methodology

Human-Centered Design, Project Writing, Logical Framework Analysis, Social Business Canvassing, Unbiased Consciousness, Social Media & Storytelling.

Change Talks! - Evenings with visionaries

Work together with the world's brightest minds, visionaries, well-known entrepreneurs, show-business celebrities, philanthropists.

Immersion Studies- Field Visits

Immersion Study, On-ground exploration, Building sustainable solutions, Exchange of best practices

Facilitators, Trainers & Visionaries of the Forum

During the 7-day Training Forum Changemakers will:

Identify problems

Work closely with local and global communities in a stimulated environment to identify and shortlist the world's most pressing problems to be addressed.

Innovate Solutions

Create innovative, sustainable solutions to the problems identified. Become a torchbearer for positive social change within your community.

Develop skills

Develop the skill-set required to translate ideas into action. Gather the tools needed to execute innovative solutions within your local community and gain experience in negotiation, diplomacy, consensus-building for leadership.

Effective Immersion Studies

Gain in-depth knowledge of how change is being addressed through effective field visits to government institutions, not for profit organisations and social enterprises.

Write Projects

Gain expertise of Logical Framework Analysis and Human Cenetered Design approach in developing international mobility projects to solve the identified issues.

Evenings with Legends

Learn from the best and work closely together with world’s leading practitioners and thinkers. Network with relevant stakeholders including youth, academicians, Nobel laureates, government officials, social entrepreneurs, and civil society organisations

Panel Sessions

Be a part of controversial and hot topic discussions with other changemakers and world leading practitioners. Advocate and showcase your work at the grassroots to a global community.

Social Businesses

Gain skills, knowledge and attitude to turn your ideas into community-relevant social businesses. Build expertise and a team to launch an impact-driven social enterprises.


Be a part of a nurturing Global Social Change Ecosystem fostering intellectual and practical collaboration among changemakers at the grassroots and macro level government institutions.

Eligibility of Changemakers

If you are eager to begin an immediate climate action,
are passionate about bringing quality education to all and
are keen on solving rising inequality issues,
this call is for you!

Preference to participate is given to individuals aged 18+ who:
1) have previously worked or are currently engaged with a grassroots movement; ­
2) are passionate about serving communities; 
­3) demonstrate strong leadership abilities, perseverance and entrepreneurial mindset in problem solving;
4) have strong integrity, commitment and belief to foster global change.
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Our Current & Past Partners

Changemakers' Room works in collaboration with distinguished experts from leading organizations from across the world
who serve as mentors and supporters to the changemakers.

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Registration & Fees

Accepted changemakers will be informed within 7 days of registration and will be required to pay the Participation Fee.
The Fee covers accommodation, food (3 meals a day + coffee breaks), field visits, cultural sessions, field immersion studies,
the training materials, interactions with visionaries and the Training Forum.

India based changemakers - INR 30,000
Global changemakers - EUR 475

Register before February 1st 2020!
From February 2nd the fees will increase to EUR 550 and INR 35,000 respectively.


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